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PHARMA HIVE is a high quality training and education for pharma professionals and science students. Our programs have you covered whether you are looking to send one of your people to an open course for career progression including becoming a quality professional, to perform the assigned rolls, responsibilities and regulations, or to bring about culture change within the organization.

We offer comprehensive training programs designed to develop the knowledge and skills needed to meet the challenges of a global and complex pharmaceutical industry. We find that companies that proactively seek educational services to prepare their staff and workforce are best prepared to navigate the regulatory and technical requirements demanded in the industry. However, many companies seek educational services of areas requiring improvement.

Our tutors are experts in their field and typically have over 20 years’ industry or regulatory agency experience. They are specifically selected for their ability to convey knowledge effectively and we support them through Train the Trainer programs.


PHARMA HIVE is a self-sponsored organization for the pharma professionals and science students, who need to develop their skills and knowledge through quality training programs with qualified personnel.


To serve the pharma professionals and science students by sharing current thinking of pharma quality and regulatory requirement as per guidelines.


To strive towards excellence in the field of pharma professionals and to be one of the preferred source of generating skilled professionals, for strengthening the Indian Pharma industry in obtaining quality products at affordable prices.

PHARMAHIVE Member Pledge

I, the member of PHARMA HIVE , solemnly pledge to work with knowledge, dedication and honest in Pharmaceutical Industry to produce ‘Quality Medicines’ for use in treatment or prevention of diseases to the needy people in my family, my country and in international societies.

I further affirm that I shall follow the company policy, procedure and instructions to improve productivity and quality of products /services using my skills and abilities to deliver the product to meet highest level of regulatory expectations and customer satisfaction.

I further assure that I shall follow PHARMA HIVE rules and regulations to retain its values and ethics at all the times. As a member of this family, I respect all members and exercise value of true human being to each others.

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